SS Nutra | Private Label Supplements and Skin Care

How To Start With Contract Manufacturing

Finding a reliable supplement manufacturer online can be daunting. Since their products would bear your name and your branding, it’s in your best interest to choose the right partner.

If you’re new to private label manufacturing, you may not know that to look for in a dependable partner. Ideally, this manufacturer should be able to provide you with answers to all of your questions, as well as with high-quality products to help you build a successful supplement line.

Why Choose Already-Formulated Supplements?

SS Nutra private label is the choice of numerous business owners wanting to enter the supplements market. If you’re new to business or to this industry, we are the partner you want to make your entrance in style.

Many of our clients tell us horrendous stories about the huge amounts they used to pay for poor quality services. We know very well what the costs in this industry care, so you can trust our experts to not take advantage of your lack of experience. If you’re new to this business, please find out that the investment is only 50 units per sku to find out whether a product is viable or it needs adjustments. This also includes the A/B testing of different label variants and marketing plan ideas. This allows our customers to test their marketing plans before they actually start investing large sums on advertising and other such marketing activities. If the marketing appears to work and the feedback from the market suggests formula adjustments, the client can develop their own, custom list of ingredients with only 1,000 bottle MOQ. Our private label line caters even to smaller investors.

Working with supplement manufacturers that don’t put quality on the same level of importance with value is a surefire path to failure. We, at SS Nutra, are on a mission to understand your specific requirements and your market, in order to deliver you the products you need to build a strong supplement brand and a successful business. A too low MOQ request from your side could compromise your very business, as you may have to choose a subpar manufacturer.

When Sky Is The Limit

Our team of specialists will walk you through the entire production process, one step and a time. If we do share common goals, we can cater to almost all of your requests and special requirements. Would you like to use only non-GMO ingredients? Consider it done! Would you want your supplements to be gluten-free? We can offer you exactly that! Our work experience and our business credentials speak volumes about our ability to fulfill your orders and address your queries in a fast and effective manner.

Here are a few of the key benefits SS Nutra partners enjoy:

  • 24/7 answers to your inquiries
  • GMP-compliant production facility
  • FDA-registration
  • Low MOQ
  • In-house label design and color printing on high-quality printers

Our point of differentiation that helps us stand out from the crowd is our expert product specialist team. We know what are the top-selling food supplements and on which markets. We keep tabs on the consumer trends, in order to cater to the increasing demand for immune health strengthening. Under the current health circumstances, we are now busier than ever before, working round the clock to supply our partners with the supplements and vitamins their clients need. Located in Sandy, Utah, the SS Nutra team is ready to partner with you and to offer you a one-stop solution to get your business off the ground.