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AMAZON FBA® Services

We offer very similar fulfillment services as Amazon®, just for lower costs.

FBA features, services, and fees

As part of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you have access to optional features and services to help you manage and grow your business. FBA fees cover the cost of storing your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers; picking, packing, and shipping orders; and providing customer service for products sold.

For storing inventory in other EU countries VAT obligations apply, learn more about VAT requirements here.

FBA features VS ISDF Solutions

Customer service for FBA orders: Amazon provides customer service on your behalf when you sell products through FBA.

Global selling: Use FBA and the tools available in your seller account to expand your business globally.

FBA services

Amazon Partnered Carrier program: Amazon-partnered carriers offer deeply discounted rates for shipping your inventory to Amazon.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Have Amazon fill orders for inventory that you sell on your own website and other channels.

FBA Label Service: Amazon will apply barcode labels to your inventory for you. A per-item fee applies.

FBA Prep Service: Amazon will prepare your inventory so it meets FBA prep requirements. A per-item fee applies.

FBA Repackaging Service: Amazon will repackage your eligible FBA items that buyers have returned so the items can be resold.

Inventory Placement Service: When you create a shipping plan, your shipment may be split into multiple shipments going to different fulfillment centers. With the Inventory Placement Service, you can send all of your inventory to a single fulfillment center, and Amazon will distribute it for you. A per-item fee applies.

Manual Processing Service: If you do not provide box content information when you ship inventory to FBA, Amazon will manually process your boxes at the fulfillment center. A per-item fee applies.

FBA Fees

Fulfillment fees for FBA orders: An overview of FBA fees for order fulfillment and related services. We offer lower fulfillment fees

Monthly inventory storage fees: Storage fees are charged for all items stored in an Amazon fulfillment center based on calendar month and your daily average volume of inventory. We offer lower or zero storage fees dependingon your storage volume

Long-term storage fees: Inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers is assessed a long-term storage fee in addition to the monthly storage fee.

Removal order fees: You can have Amazon return or dispose of your inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers. A per-item fee applies.

Removal orders: You can remove inventory from Amazon fulfillment centers by having the inventory returned to you.

Returns processing fees: A returns processing fee is charged for orders for which Amazon offers free return shipping. We offer the same service for at cost return fee services.

Unplanned service fees: When inventory arrives at a fulfillment center without proper preparation or labeling, Amazon provides those services for you. A per-item fee applies.

FBA fee preview tools

Product size tiers: Determine the size tier for your product in order to determine the applicable fulfillment fee.

FBA revenue calculator: Estimate what your fees would be for specific items using active listings on Amazon.

Fee Preview: Estimate the fulfillment fees for products in your FBA inventory VS Our Fee Preview

Types of Products that get Fullfilled

Private Label Softgel Fulfillment

Private Label Capsule Fulfillment

Private Label Tablet Fulfilment

Private label Skin Care Fulfillment

Private Label Chocolate Fulfillment

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