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  • FDA Registered/cGMP Compliant/Utah Hemp Registered/Utah Approved Food Facility:
    Super fast Turn-Around Times: 10-12 business day turnaround times of stock products
    Over 500+ stock products: Talk about having what most need, we have it.
    Custom Bottling and packaging: We are able to provide many options of shapes and colors for private labeling
    In House Graphic Design and printing services:
    Blister Packaging: softgel, capsule and tablet blister packaging. stock 5ct & 10ct, custom design molds as well
    Low 50 unit MOQ: You can start out with a many of products instead of putting your money into only 1-2
    Made In The USA: All products are manufactured in house in Sandy Utah
    In House R&D: Need a custom formulation? Lets chat!
    Semi Custom Formulation: Love one of our products but want a scent or an additional ingredient, we can do that

The Service

SS Nutra

The Competition


Minimum Order Quantity

50 Units

250 – 800 Bottle Minimum

Turn Around Times

Average 6-8 business days

Average 6-8 weeks


Label Design

$250 for initital design, $50 for each design after

$100-$500 per design

Printing Set-Up Fees

No Set-Up Fees

$35 – $150 Per Label/Design Change

Label Material

Water Resistant White or Silver BOPP

Non-Water Resistant Paper Labels

Label Finishes

Premium Gloss or Matte Label

Generic Computer Printed Labels

Our Capabilities

  • 2 powder blenders ranging from 100kg to 3,000kg per batch
  • 2 Tablet presses (160,000 tablets per day)
  • 1 Softgel Encapsulation Machine (Bovin Gelatin) (700,000+ per day)
  • 2 Powder encapsulation machines (3 million capsules per day)
  • 1 High Speed Bottling Line (75,000 bottles filled and labeled per day)
  • 1 Blister packing machines (7200 Strips per hour)
  • 1 powder sachet filling machine (100,000 sachets per shift)
  • 1 liquid sachet filling machine (100,000 sachets per shift)
  • 1 Shrink wrapping inline machine (think bottles like 7-11 Ice Tea)
  • 4 Liquid/cosmetic blending/filling machines
  • 1 Banding machine with multiple sizes
  • In-House Graphic Design and Printing







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