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What To Expect From Private Label Supplements

Private Label Supplements has the ability to take any of your ideas and turn them into a genuine product. We have dissected the process into eight specific areas.

Planning – The first stage of the creation of your product is the process of understanding what you want to accomplish, the evaluation of the competition, creation of formulas, the best delivery options, how to market and ship as well as quantity forecasting. The planning process is the key to a successful product launch.

Formulation – Once we fully understand the goals for your product, we will research various ingredient options. Our team of Product Specialists and Formulators will take the time to create a winning solution that is going to deliver proven results. We will thoroughly research the best delivery mechanism for ingredients that are based upon your specific budget and the result you wish for your customers Once we have initially tested your product, we will move onto designing and scheduling the production time.

Label And Packaging Design – During the time we are waiting for your raw products to be delivered for a custom formula, we will begin the process of designing labels and packaging. Regardless of whether you choose to use one of our award-winning designs or your own, you will only be a few days from seeing your product come to life!

Production – once your custom formula has been developed, it is time for production to begin. We begin by ordering the raw ingredients, schedule time for the production line and will manufacture products set to our quality standards. The product will be bottled, labelled and finally prepared for shipping to your delivery address.

Final Product – The product is know bottled, labelled, packaged and shipped off. The final product will be sent through a series of test where it will receive a Certificate of Analysis showing full compliance of regulatory requirements. Now it is time to finally begin selling your product.

Fulfilment – Regardless of whether your product if being shipped down the road or to the other side of the state or fulfilment team is going to ensure your product arrives on time and under budget. We have wide experience with sea, air, and land shipping methods.

Consultation – From early conception to final completion, our team will work effortlessly to ensure that your product is a winner for you and your customers.

Marketing – Our team of experienced marketers are going to ensure that your product is noticed. Through a variety of methods, our marketing team will create a marketing plan that includes online and offline methods of marketing. Some of these leading strategies will include a variety of blogs, social media, landing pages, email campaigns, cross-linking, CPA and CPC campaigns as well as SEO.

Each of these areas is acritical to the success of your product launch to ensure that your health-related products are a success to the buying public. Talk with one of our Product Specialists today to find out more about our Private Label Supplements Custom Manufacturing Process.

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