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For very apparent reasons, products that boost your immune systems were huge sellers in the year 2020, and it’s a trend that is continuing in 2021, not only for private practice label supplements but also for supplements sold in e-commerce.

Supplements that promote cardio, cognitive, adrenal, and gut support have typically done well in these areas. But, if your supplements, that are private label, are sold to the public, there may be a certain population-driven focus in private practice, such as hormonal health or weight loss.

Now, the public is considering prevention more than ever, which is one of the primary principles of integrative medicine. There have been unique challenges in 2021. However, a silver lining is that people have a strong interest in improving their immune health. If you focus on immune health, you can maximize your business and your patient compliance as well as your overall satisfaction.

In general, products that support the immune system have been crucial for both e-commerce and private practice areas.

The area of e-commerce has experienced an immediate boost in products that mention immune health, such as vitamin C, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), zinc, and elderberry. In private practice, doctors are looking at immune support as a part of a large subject, with acute interests in sleep, gut health, stress support, and adrenal.

Working one-on-one with a functional doctor can result in an ideal individualized and holistic supplement plan. Along with that, immune support and preventing disease receive greater focus than they have in the past.


Other things that practitioners working with private label supplements in their private practices are stress management, lifestyle, and diet. In 2020, these are the supplements healthcare practitioners private labeled the most:

Vitamins ADK

The following vitamins that are fat soluble contribute to cardiovascular function, bone health, immune challenges, etc. Working together, they create a strong synergy for overall immune support.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These are known for supporting a normal inflammatory response. It’s important to know that harmful levels of omega-3 fatty acids can harm overall immune health and cause severe problems.

Liposomal Melatonin Spray

Sleep is essential and represents the basis of health and immune function. Lots of people respond well to a liposomal delivery system of melatonin.

DHEA Liquid

The most prevalent hormone in the blood is DeHydroEpiAndrosterone (DHEA). Many refer to it as a mother hormone that impacts all the organ systems in the body.

Vitamin D3 Liquid

Most functional medicine doctors use Vitamin D3 in liquid form. It’s used to support immune health, cardiovascular health, and bone maintenance.

Liposomal C

Vitamin C is a primary nutrient that is extremely important for immune health support with optimal efficiency in liposomal form.

Zinc Tablets

Well known for the way it works to support the health of our immune system, zinc has become primary in private label products.

Daily Ultra

This is a wonderful and affordable one-a-day multivitamin. Because of its affordability and quality, it has become a rising star in private label supplements for doctors’ offices in North America. More and more people are using it.


There is an understanding and an education about the undeniable link between immune health and gut health in functional medicine. Probiotics are typically used for immune support protocol, and it remains a top-seller.

DIM, typically used in integrative practices that look at hormonal balance, is perfect for hormonal balance and managing weight in men and women.

B Vitamins

Typically used for cognitive support, B-vitamins are often used for a healthy immune system and energy production.

There is a long line of private label supplements in private practices, and the list is typically longer than e-commerce. Doctors are in the process of creating a personalized and more comprehensive plan for their patients. There is, however, substantial overlap in 2021 for supplements that sell the most.


Private label supplements that are top-selling for e-commerce make up those that are immune-suggestive and those that overlap with top private practice sellers such as zinc, ADK, vitamin C, and probiotics. These products are high in demand:


For hundreds of chemical reactions in the body, magnesium is essential. There is a combination of three significant chelated kinds of magnesium for optimal absorption. So for e-commerce sales, Tri-Mag is a winner.


Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is a popular e-commerce private label supplement. It is used primarily for skin health and immune health.


CBD is growing in popularity and is another trending e-commerce supplement.

Consumers who purchase mainly from e-commerce like to look for affordable products instead of buying supplements right from the practitioner. When you are an e-commerce seller, you will benefit from focuses on the best-quality supplements for a reasonable price.

No matter if you work with supplements that are private label supplements in your private practice or e-commerce seller, products that boost your immune system will be highly wanted this year. So go with the opportunity to grow your business by going with optimal health all through the year.