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Why You Should Sell Private Label Supplements

If you find yourself in a position where you have managed to come up with a unique health supplement that has the potential to be incredibly successful, it’s time to bring it to the marketplace. However, if you’re not entirely certain about the next step you should be taking to do so, things can get tricky. Unfortunately, building a brand from scratch can be very difficult especially when you are looking to gain entry to competitive retailers. After all, they would rather work with established companies with sustained reputations. Because you haven’t been able to build one yourself, it may be in your best interest to begin by private labeling. This can be a good alternative to attempting to go at it alone.

What Are Private Label Manufacturers?

A manufacturer that manufactures private label products is one that will take your generic product and help build a brand for you entirely from scratch. They will be able to work alongside you in order to get your product designed, labeled, and even manufactured. In fact, they will even help you with getting your product into distribution channels. Private labeling marketing is the process of not only creating unique brands from your products but also to effectively distribute the products to the existing customer base of different retailers who are willing to sell your product underneath their own brand name.

What Are The Advantages Of It?

One of the most significant advantages of using a private label manufacturer has to be the added peace of mind knowing that you are going to have a professional with experience working alongside you. They will be able to take on some of the responsibility of not only branding your products but also selling it. This can also help you use a single manufacturer for everything from labeling to packaging to the product itself. This can alleviate a lot of the logistical issues that may otherwise crop up.

A private label manufacturer will:

  • Fully understand the competitive marketplace
  • Offer and provide the highest quality services
  • Help you target large retailers
  • Turn your product and/or brand into a supplement that is going to help you produce products with more assurance in the costs of the operation rather than having to invest more capital and resources yourself. This will give you a lot more time than you can better spend creating new supplements and entering new markets.

How Much Money Can You Make on Private Label Supplements?

Your ability to make money with private label is going to be limitless. This has to do with the process involved with private labeling. You will be purchasing wholesale directly from the manufacturer itself. Therefore, you will be able to maximize your margins more so than if you were to sell another company’s brand. All of your supplements are going to vary in price depending on several factors. However, with SS Nutra, you won’t have to have a significant sum of inventory to get started. You will be able to get started with an industry-low 25 bottle Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). This alone will help you minimize risk and maximize earnings. However, you will also be able to leverage our pay-as-you-go offer through our On-Demand Supplement Fulfillment program. Because of this, just about anyone will be able to get started private labeling and making money very quickly.

That being said, let’s try to do some math. Assume you are looking to sell a very popular supplement for weight loss. Let’s assume its Garcinia Cambogia. You can purchase the supplement for as little as $2.75 for each bottle. If you check on Amazon’s marketplace, you will see that the price they are selling at is around $27.50 per bottle. This could yield over 1000% profit on a single sale. You don’t need to be a complete genius to recognize the earning potential you will be able to get from private labeling supplements.