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They may seem rather mundane questions to dealers and consumers of vitamin supplements, but do you know where your dietary supplements are being manufactured? Can you tell the exact geographical location of the manufacturing facility that produces your products? It is in the overseas or within the United States? Is the manufacturer duly registered and certified by the FDA?

Unsurprisingly, many people do not have all the conclusive answers to these questions. In this write up, we will show you exactly why it is particularly necessary to have all the right answers.

Every minute that passes, millions of dietary supplement products are being produced by different manufactures all over the world. Unfortunately, many buyers and sellers of these products are not aware of the industrial standards needed to be maintained to guarantee the sale and consumption of safe products of required quality grade.

Dealers and consumers need to ascertain the qualification, reliability and credibility of their dietary supplement manufacturer/service provider based on the availability and authenticity of specific registration and compliance certificates. These certificates are only issued once the manufacturer passes a rather strict inspection/quality evaluation exercise conducted by the regulatory institutions.

One of the duly accredited provider of dietary supplement products is SS Nutra Nutrition. All SS Nutra Nutrition’s manufacturing facilities and processes, including product packaging, are FDA-registered, NSF-audited, and GMP-compliant.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or using its agents like the National Sanitation Foundation (NFS) International, provides requisite certifications after ensuring that certain global standards on safety, efficiency and security of food, food products (such as dietary supplement), water and environment have been met by the manufacturer of the supplement products.

Compliance certificates are only issued to the service provider once thorough inspection procedures are completed to ensure the dietary supplements manufacturer/producer complies with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations. Such an inspection procedure, which may be conducted occasionally or spontaneously, is carried out by a team of highly-qualified team based on a prescribed evaluation criteria.

Additionally, customers gain peace of mind and satisfaction when they source dietary supplement products from manufacturers and service providers who are credited by the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This is owing to the fact that buyers and consumers certainly know that they are getting the right value for their hard-earned money whenever they purchase products that have passed these industrial standards.

Worthy to note, it does not automatically mean that all the supplements produced by a manufacturer who is non-complaint with cGMP are unsafe. However, you can expect cGMP-complaint supplements to retain a significant competitive edge above other supplement products in the market whose manufacturing process has not been regulated by the cGMP.

Customers can easily tell apart dietary supplement products that have been produced in a GMP-compliant facility from those that have been produced by a manufacturing company that is not recognized by the quality-assurance institution. This is because cGMP allows recognized manufacturers to distinctively label the packaging on their supplement products as proof of their compliance in production quality and safety standards.

Admittedly, the process to have a manufacturing company for dietary supplement products duly audited and qualified by GMP is quite costly and challenging. However, all companies committed to excellence, such as SS Nutra Nutrition, are convinced of the need to have all supplement products in the market exceed specific measures of quality and safety, and effectively deliver the desired results to the consumer’s health.

The FDA or its agents may undertake an impromptu visit to inspect manufacturing conditions and processes in the very same manufacturing facility where you source your products. Unlikely as it may initial sound, such a spontaneous inspection visit is a good thing to help ensure all manufacturing companies/service providers that are GMP compliant remain so all through.

SS Nutra is a company that prides itself as a leading service provider that strictly observes all the required regulations and guidelines to guarantee the supply of safe and high-quality supplement products to its customers. Additionally, SS Nutra ensures all its products are tested, and that all product ingredients are clearly labeled on the product or its packaging for customers to accurately determine all the contents and their composition in the product they intend to buy.

At SS Nutra, we handle all the difficult tasks for our customers. We take care of the manufacturing process, product labelling and packaging and fulfill all orders for our product on time. We aspire to make it much easier to supply quality and safe products to our customers compared to our competitors.

We are committed to observe all the required FDA and GMP standards because we want to supply all our customers with healthy products of guaranteed and unrivaled quality. By choosing SS Nutra today, you are choosing peace of mind, knowing you are investing in quality products with assured health benefits to your body.

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