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Understanding The Process Of Softgels

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Softgel Manufacturing 

Finding a contract softgel manufacturer offering high quality, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical grade facility is important in delivering highest of quality and complex formulated softgels. Like capsules and tablets, softgels are an easy to use delivery method for custom softgel formulations.

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The encapsulation of softgels is a rather common practice that is quite versatile. There are four main stages in the process of the encapsulation of softgels.

Preparation Of Gelatin

Preparation Of The Fill

The Start Of Encapsulating The Fill

Placement Of Finishing Touches On The Filled Softgels

Preparation Of The Gelatin

Preparation Of The Fill

Encapsulating Of The Fill

The Drying And Finishing Of The Softgels

The process begins with a large machine that will melt the gelatin in addition to the other three components. In addition to the melting of the ingredients, the machine will properly combine and mix all of the elements together. The four components of the mixture are fully blended to create a softgel shell that is going to be effective and durable for its intended use. During this process, other additives and coloring agents will be added for the creation of the perfect softgel. Once all of the ingredients have been properly mixed, it will need to stay warm to preserve the consistency of the liquid

The Encapsulation Of Your Formula Within A Softgel

When working directly with softgels, the process of encapsulation will happen as the shell is added to the machine in addition to the blend. The entire process will take place in a room that is fully temperature controlled with a humidity level of 20%. It is important to have optimal conditions to produce the best possible product.

The process of creating a finished softgel will begin with the blending of gelatin, which was previously prepared. The gelatin blend is placed into two drums, which are very cold. The drums will roll in a continual motion, this motion will cause the gelatin to solidify and roll out in a solid form which is split in half. With both halves ready, they are placed through a process in which they are cut into the correct shape and size. The two halves will be placed together after your blend has been inserted into a heated wedge. The heated wedge is then encased by the halves of the softgel. When the wedge is firmly in place and the softgel is almost closed, the wedge injects the formula into the softgel. As this is the final step of the process, the wedge will be removed and the softgel is quickly sealed and set to the side for proper cooling.

Drying And Finishing

The softgels will be placed into a cool drum that rotates quickly allowing the gelatin the opportunity to congeal. The finished softgel will go through a drying process which is composed of the following steps.

Tumble Drying

A tumble dryer is a piece of machinery that helps to dry the softgels for no longer than 45 minutes. This step is going to help in the removal of almost 25% of the water content within the capsule.

Once the capsules have been in the tumbler machine, they will be entered into the drying funnel. During this process the softgels will be laid onto racks where they will be subjected to a constant flow of air throughout 48 hours. This will be the final drying step before the capsules will be inspected.

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