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Factors Affecting the Cost of Manufacturing Supplements

The production methods for the type of dose required is an important factor in the final cost of production.

Supplements in tablet form are generally cheaper than supplements in capsule form. But there are other considerations as well. For example, tablets are harder to digest than capsules. This makes capsules the preferred option.

But even more popular than capsules are supplements in liquid supplements. But their popularity is matched only by their cost of production. This is because liquid supplements don’t use additives and are the best supplement absorbed by the body.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages in each of the forms of supplements. You must choose tablets, capsules of liquid supplements based on your specific market needs.

Raw Materials

You will also find that the cost of manufacturing supplements will be affected by the ingredients they contain. Raw materials must also be selected for their suitability to your product goals. Synthetic ingredients are a good option because they are cost-effective and are not affected by the same seasonality challenges that are seen by organic materials. Despite their cost and seasonal challenges, organic raw materials have a far higher quality than synthetic materials.

Ingredient Sources

Those ingredients that are the product of years of research and development fueled by hefty financial investments are likely to be more expensive. But these are also going to have special advantages in efficacy, absorption rate and quality. Here are some of the most important examples to know about.

Glucosamine, this special ingredient used to improve joint and bone conditions, is taken from sharks and is therefore more costly than its counterparts made from bovine sources.

Calcium carbonate is a cost-effective ingredient that is fairly easy to source, but there is considerable evidence that the costlier calcium citrate may be better for the body.

If you are to use the more technologically advanced supplement ingredients, the cost of production is going to be somewhat elevated. But when your product hits the market it will also be associated with top-tier ingredients that your customers will love. This appreciation will be expressed in higher prices for your products that will cover the costs for the considerable science and technology powering your product.

Supplement Packaging

The ingredients in your product may be sensitive to moisture, light, air and temperature adjustments. This means that packaging will have to be selected to protect the ingredients inside from the elements. Special packaging means higher pricing. One way that many manufacturers strike a balance between the high costs of packaging is by choosing ingredients that can last longer in less safe but equally effective packaging.

Whether you choose to sell your products online or through physical locations, your product must be packaged so that it will be fresh and potent when it meets the consumer.

Testing and Certifications

Ingredient verification processes can be another potential financial trap. 3rd party ingredient testing and various other pertinent certifications, like USP certification, can further inflate the price of production. But these types of abels let customers know that you are a competent and responsible manufacturer with their best interests in mind.

Testing to guarantee that products are kosher, allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan or organic will also require certification. These details will affect the prices of production so be sure to factor them into your equations.

High consumer demand is creating a great opportunity to create an exciting array of dietary supplement markets for a very excited demographic. Statistics show that the right products can collect a considerable profit if presented right.

As a brand owner, you must carefully consider your plan for bringing your concept to production. It is time to meet this great man. The first step will be choosing the manufacturing firm that will be your partner. The right supplement manufacturing firm will provide you with the insights and advice you need to get your product on the market ready for the best results.

At SS Nutra, we have a team with over 50 years of experience in nutraceutical productions. We will be proud to serve as your supplement manufacturing partner and provide top-quality service as you begin your own dietary supplement enterprise.