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Top-Rated Mushroom Supplements 2021

Mushrooms are currently one of the fast-rising categories of supplements. Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by traditional Chinese medicine to provide longevity and overall well-being, detoxify the body, and treat numerous ailments.

The new popularity of mushrooms has resulted in the marketplace being flooded with hundreds of different mushroom supplements. All of these supplements promise to provide many benefits. However, many of them fall short of their promises. Some of the more popular brands use insufficient levels or ineffective forms of mushrooms. Other companies use mushrooms with insufficient scientific evidence for supporting their claims. What is even worse is we discovered that there are even some popular mushroom supplements out there that do not even contain any actual mushrooms in them!

How To Avoid Junk And Choose A Good Mushroom Supplement

With so many different options available, you might not be sure what to look for when searching for a high-quality mushroom supplement. We conducted research for months on key mushrooms that studies have shown provide real benefits to help with this task.

This brief guide can help you know what things to avoid and what to look out for to make an informed decision about your mushroom supplements requirements. Also, we will provide you with a list of the top 5 mushroom supplements that are being sold currently.

All About Mushrooms

Natural mushrooms are full of digestive enzymes, polyphenols, amino acids, antioxidants, and polysaccharides. Most mushroom-related scientific research focuses on a specific kind of soluble fiber called beta-glucans (β-glucan) which is contained within the fungi cell walls. It has been discovered by researchers that beta-glucans provide a broad range of numerous health benefits from reducing stress, to protecting against degeneration, and supporting the immune system.

  1. Mycelium

One of two different types of mushrooms is used by mushroom supplement manufacturers in their formulas. The mushroom cap along with the stem or fruiting body is the first type. Mycelium is the second type, which generally should be avoided. If you consider a flower, then the root system is the mycelium, with the fruiting bodies being the actual stem and flower part. In this case, it is the mushroom stems and caps.

Manufacturers that use mycelium in their formulas grow the roots on the top of a grain substrate, mainly oats or rice. After the mycelium roots have grown, the substate and roos become intertwined making it impossible to separate them. Formulas that contain mycelium are comprised of around half filler of oats or rice and half roots. Some manufacturers decide to use mycelium due to the fact that it can be mass-produced and takes just one week for it to mature.

Fruiting bodies, in comparison, is a growing process that is more expensive ad takes two months up to several years. Our preference is fruiting bodies since they are pure mushrooms without any by-products or fillers. If you are searching for a genuine mushroom supplement without any unwanted fillers, then you should avoid formulas using my mycelium.

  1. Powders

Mushrooms are available in either extract or powder form. Mushroom powders are dried mushrooms that are then ground to a fine powder. Powders are used by manufacturers since it is the less expensive way to manufacture supplements, but also provides the least health benefits to consumers. The essential beta-glucans must be extracted from the mushroom’s cell walls. Those cells are made from chitin, which is an indigestible fiber. The human body is not able to absorb chitlin easily. This results in the beta-glucans passing through in the form of waste. Similar to your hard-earned money getting wasted when you choose a mushroom supplement that is made with powders instead of extracts.

Which are the Best Mushrooms?

Not all mushrooms are created equal. There are more than 10,000 mushroom varieties that are available. However, there is just a handful of them with substantial research that supports health benefits. The following are ones that we think will provide you with real results that are beneficial.

Lion’s Mane

60 count Private Label Lion’s Mane Capsules

120 count Private Label Lion’s Mane Capsules

This is a white, big mushroom. As it grows it develops a shaggy appearance that looks like a lion’s mane. It has been shown in studies that lion’s mane helps to increase NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) levels, which provide protection from degenerative brain diseases which can contribute to losses in memory. Although lion’s mane is well-known for improving concentration and memory, it has been shown in studies that it can reduce anxiety and irritability. It has also been indicated by several studies that lion’s mane also provides immune-boosting benefits. As you breathe, harmful pathogens enter your body through your nose or mouth. Lion’s mane can help to bolster your defense by stimulating gut bacteria which triggers the immune system.


60 count Private Label Chaga Capsules

120 count Private Label Chaga Capsules

For centuries, people have been using Chaga for centuries all over the world to give immunity a boost. The first line of defense of the immune system is the white blood cells. It has been shown in studies that cytokines are regulated by the Chaga mushroom. This protein stimulates the production of white blood cells. There are high levels of zinc contained in this antioxidant-rich mushroom which helps the immune system fight off viruses and bacteria.


This mushroom has long been praised in Asia for having great healing properties. It is loved so much by the Japanese that it was named Maitake when it was discovered, which translates as “dancing mushroom” since they were so happy with the health benefits that it provides. Maitake is considered to be a form of adaptogen. The mushroom helps the body to reach its optimal balance by reducing the mental and physical stress that you might be suffering from. According to studies, it can benefit those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome as well. it has been shown in recent studies that Maiake may help to activate the cells which stimulate the T cells and natural killer cells of the immune system.


Today’s world is full of anxiety and stress. Reishi helps to support a calm state which is why it has emerged as one of the more popular mushrooms. A significant amount of an active compound called triterpene is contained in Reishi. In studies, it has been shown that it helps to boost mental focus and mood, improve sleep, and reduce stress. Studies have also shown that the triterpene contained in Reishi enhances the response of the immune system to help increase the activity of the white blood cells in natural killer cell form to help fight infections off.


Mainly grown in Japan, shitake mushrooms are loved all over the world for their outstanding taste. They have been cherished for thousands of years of people wanting to reduce inflammation and boost longevity. Shitake mushrooms are highly effective because they are a great B vitamins source and also have antibacterial and antiviral properties. If you gained a few pounds while in quarantine, you may be happy to hear that the Journal of Obesity published a study that concluded that shitake mushrooms can help to prevent and reduce build-up and body weight gain. Also, the Journal of the American College of Nutrition published a recent study that found that shitake mushrooms can help to reduce inflammation, improve gut immunity and cell function, and boost immune function.

Top 3 Criteria For Quality Mushroom Supplements

For months, we gathered user feedback and researched mushroom supplements. There are certain aspects that help to differentiate high-quality mushroom supplements compared to generic supplements. The following are the three most important criteria that should be considered before you determine which brand of mushroom meets your needs the best.

  1. Extracts

Before you buy a mushroom supplement, make sure to check the supplement label’s fact section, which indicates the kind of mushroom that is used and whether they are in powder or extract form. Search for mushroom supplements that use extracts instead of powders for better results and higher potency. Extracts have another important advantage over powders which is that extracts can be more readily absorbed by the body. Chitlin is contained in powders, which is an indigestible fiber. It passes through the body in the form of waste, taking a lot of the essential beta-glucans with it.

Most labels show an extract’s potency by listing the concentration in ratio form, like 4:1. An extract of 100 mg is equivalent to 400 mg of dried mushroom powder.

  1. Dosage

To achieve optimal results, it is critical to choose a supplement that contains both the proper dosages and the right mushrooms. For Lion’s Mane, which is known to enhance cognitive performance, our recommended daily dosage is a minimum in 1:1 powder form or 250 mg in extract form. For the other mushrooms that are on our list, search for a formula containing each of them individually with a daily dosage of a minimum of 320 mg in powder form or 80 mg in extract form.

  1. Fruiting Bodies

You should always select a supplement that has the words “fruiting body” next to the mushroom’s name. Avoid any mushroom supplement containing some variation of the term “mycelium” or “myceliated grain” within the ingredients.

The fruiting body refers to the actual mushroom stem and cap. Mycelium is the mushroom’s root system that is grown on the top of a grain substrate which results in a supplement that is 0% of actual mushroom, 50% filler, and 50% roots. Why do some manufacturers do that? Because it is faster and cheaper to produce mycelium than it is to wait for an actual mushroom to grow. However, the fruiting body is the place where a majority of the beta-glucans are found, which are the mushroom’s beneficial compounds. The journal Microbiology published a 2014 study that analyzed the beta-glucans concentration in both mycelia and fruiting bodies. It was concluded by the study that fruiting bodies have as much as 100% more beta-glucans compared to mushrooms that are grown in a mycelium base. The study provides additional support to another study conducted in 2011and published in the Food Chemistry journal which showed that fruiting bodies contain up to 2.5 times the quantity of beta-glucans compared to mycelia. In order to achieve optimal results, our recommendation is to choose supplements that only use fruiting bodies.